How Brooklyn SEO Agencies 10X ROI with Maps

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Having a local SEO agency in Brooklyn is an excellent way to help businesses and make a nice profit on the side, and is a useful way of using your knowledge of SEO to help people achieve more profits in their companies. Once you have a great reputation and the sales are coming in, it can be hard to find a way to increase you ROI and profits. One of the answers to this, is through getting your agency on the “maps” function that Google offers local businesses in and around your area. You can see the business box or the “Google Places” box at the top of the SERPs from a search related to a local business, and it provides you with a map of the area and a number of businesses around you. This can 10X a Brooklyn SEO agency and allow for a firm to bring back a higher ROI with little effort.

Puts You at the Top of Google

One of the biggest benefits of having your SEO agency in Brooklyn on the Google Places board is the fact that the board is the first thing that is placed on the first page of Google when you search a business term in your local area. This is great as it will essentially act as free exposure and page one rankings and will result in more clicks to your website. You can get on this board in a number of ways, and one is by having authority and by being recognized as a business in the eyes of Google, which can be achieved in various ways.

Individuals rarely make it Past the First Page

This relates to the above point as well as with the fact that your website will be on the Google Places board at the top of the SERPs. Individuals rarely make it past the first page of Google unless they are searching for a specific topic or keyword, but with local businesses they will click on the most reputable business in Google’s eyes, as Google is a trusted engine. Over 74% of people click on the first 3-4 links at the top and if you are taking up not one but two links, including one inside Google Places, you have a higher chance of being clicked on.

Gives People Directions to Your Business

Another reason your ROI can grow drastically if you have a SEO agency in Brooklyn and are on Google Places, is that people will be able to find your business locally and get directions. This is beneficial as some people may want to talk to you in person first and build some form of trust before hiring you. Also, it makes things simpler and easier for people who live in the Brooklyn area as they are able to contact you directly if they cannot reach you by phone.

Builds Trust and Credibility

Being at the top of Google and being in the Google Places application instantly means people will trust you as a legit business as you are technically listed as one in the eyes of Google. This will build trust and credibility with potential clients who will now see you as the real deal and won’t hesitate to contact you if they have any queries about your services.


Virtual Heroics says having your Brooklyn SEO agency on Google Maps has a number of big benefits to your business and ROI. Firstly, it will add you to the top of Google instantly and will give you a second link for people to click on, which can drastically increase your ROI. This is because most people do not make it past the first page of Google when searching for local business terms and, as a result, you have a much higher chance of being clicked on. Furthermore, the use of the map gives directions to your firm which simplifies communication for local Brooklyn residents, and because you are accredited as a legit business you instantly gain more trust. Hopefully this article has shown the benefits of using Google Maps for your Brooklyn SEO needs

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